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Adventurous and Inspiring Outdoor Events for Individuals, Groups, Corporates & Charities


Here at Inspired Outdoor Events we take great pride in being able to offer safe, enjoyable and well planned mountain challenges in some of the most spectacular parts of the UK. We are a small but committed team of experienced Mountain Leaders with a range of backgrounds including individuals who have served in the armed forces. We have worked with a number of amazing charities to help them make the most of their fundraising efforts and with numerous companies providing a range of team-building events for staff, with clients and suppliers.

We specialise in providing a personalised and flexible service to meet the specific needs of our clients including the design of bespoke events. Our aim is to take away a lot of the stress and hard work needed to organise and deliver challenging and exciting events and to ensure all the participants have a truly memorable experience.

As an outdoor activity provider we are proud to be able to help provide high quality, safe and enjoyable experiences for all of our clients in some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes. When done responsibly this provides numerous economic, social and educational benefits to the clients and communities that we work with. However, without due care, outdoor activities can also have a negative impact: including the erosion of the landscapes we are seeking to enjoy, destruction of natural habitats, emissions of damaging greenhouse gas emissions and unnecessary disturbance to communities.

We take this very seriously and acknowledge that it is one of our primary duties as a responsible outdoor activities provider to ensure that we do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment and where possible maximise our positive effect on local communities and environments. With this in mind we aim to operate to the best standards in the industry and to minimise the impact of our challenges on the environment within which we operate.

Download: Inspired Outdoor Events – Environmental Impact Policy